Who voted for Doug Jones?

Welcome to our latest Youth Discussion post! In today’s post, we’re discussing how Doug Jones won the Alabama senate race earlier this week becoming Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25 years. In this post we’ll be discussing  who Doug Jones is, the impacts of Doug Jones’ victory, who voted for Doug Jones and his opponent, Roy Moore.

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[US] Is Trump any closer to getting his wall?

One of Trump’s main points during the election campaign was that he would crack down on illegal immigrants from Mexico. He promised to his supporters that if he became president that he would force Mexico to pay for a wall that would be built on the Mexican border. 

But is Trump any closer to getting his wall than he was on the 20th January? 

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North Korea fires missiles over Japan

Early on today, North Korea fired a missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific Ocean 1,180 kilometers from the Japanese coast. This triggered alarms in North Japan for people to take shelter as the missile passed over North Japan before landing in the Pacific ocean.

What was the US’ response?

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[U.S.] Bannon’s Departure

Former White House Chief Strategist and Senior Presidential Counselor Steve Bannon has remained the crux of incessant controversy throughout the duration of Trump’s presidency—and even prior. On August 18, Bannon was ousted from his position at the hands of Donald Trump, who grew increasingly frustrated with Bannon for quite an extended period of time before Bannon’s removal. Before we can scrutinize the precise details of Bannon’s dismissal, it is paramount to gain a sense of insight as to who Steve Bannon is, what he did to attain such a seat of power beside Trump, and why he has remained a tremendously controversial figure since Trump’s election.
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What’s the Alternative Right and the Alternative Left?

In the news recently, there has been a lot of talking about the “Alt right” and the “Alt left” but what do these terms really mean? Do they really exist? Carry on reading to find out the answers to these questions and more!

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Do you’ve to vote to be politically active in a democracy?

A lot of young people reading this may not be old enough to vote but does this mean young people can’t discuss politics or become politically active in their society? No! There are various ways that young people can become politically involved in society other than voting. Carry on reading to find out how you can get involved in politics!

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[US] Trump condemns racism displayed at Charlottesville

Two days after the rally held in Virgina President Trump has condemned groups such as the KKK, neo-nazis and white supremacists. What was the Charlottesville Rally? Why are people criticising President Trump? Carry on reading for answers to these questions and more.

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Is anyone in the Trump administration safe? [Big Disucssion]

Flynn. Comey. Yates. These are all people who have been fired by Trump because they’ve stopped him getting what he wants or they’ve put a risk on his presidency.  You can argue that Trump was justified in firing these people. You can argue that he had done it in self-interest. However, the real question is, is anyone in the Trump administration safe?

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How different voting systems work: First Past the Post

In this new series, we’ll be showing different voting systems and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each voting system, whenever they work in the countries they’re used in.

The voting system commonly known as “First Past the Post” is the voting system used in the UK’s General Elections and the US Election as well as being used in other countries.

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[US] Trump signs Russian Sanctions bill

Yesterday, morning, President Trump signed the Russian Sanction Bill for the “sake of national unity”.  Upon signing the bill, President Trump also called the bill by Congress “seriously flawed” and “clearly unconstitutional.” The bill has passed Senate by 98 votes to 2 and in the Houses of Representatives, the bill had passed 419 to 3. Due to the strong support for this bill in Congress, a veto by the President would’ve easily been overturned by Congress.


Image result for congress
The bill has overwhelming support in Congress. Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/umar-zulqarnain/congress-strengthens-trad_b_9628094.html


What does the Russian Sanction bill do? What is Russia’s response?

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