Who voted for Doug Jones?

Welcome to our latest Youth Discussion post! In today’s post, we’re discussing how Doug Jones won the Alabama senate race earlier this week becoming Alabama’s first Democratic senator in 25 years. In this post we’ll be discussing  who Doug Jones is, the impacts of Doug Jones’ victory, who voted for Doug Jones and his opponent, Roy Moore.

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Is compulsory voting worth it?

Countries such as the United Kingdom have a low turn out which lowers the legitimatcy of the UK governmen. Would a compulsory voting system work in the UK or even the US?

Carry on reading to find out what compulsory voting is, the disadvantages and advantages of it. 

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[US] Is Trump any closer to getting his wall?

One of Trump’s main points during the election campaign was that he would crack down on illegal immigrants from Mexico. He promised to his supporters that if he became president that he would force Mexico to pay for a wall that would be built on the Mexican border. 

But is Trump any closer to getting his wall than he was on the 20th January? 

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North Korea fires missiles over Japan

Early on today, North Korea fired a missile over Japan that landed in the Pacific Ocean 1,180 kilometers from the Japanese coast. This triggered alarms in North Japan for people to take shelter as the missile passed over North Japan before landing in the Pacific ocean.

What was the US’ response?

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How different voting systems work: Alternative Vote

Welcome to the second post in our series “How different voting systems work” for our last post we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of First Past the Post.  For this week’s voting system we will be looking at the Alternative Vote. Carry on reading to discover what the Alternative Vote is and if it’s better than First Past the Post.

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The UK’s stance on Afghanistan

Following President Trump’s decision to increase the amount of US troops in Afghanistan Sir Micheal Fallon, the secretary of state for defence for the UK has announced that there are no immediate plans to increase the amount of UK troops in Afghanistan.  Carry on reading to find out Fallon’s reaction and stance on Afghanistan.

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The Problem With Blanket Terms; Right and Left Wing [Philosophy]

Note: A lot of these idea are based on a series of conversations with my brother about his political concepts and philosophy which have been interpreted and modified by me. So a lot of credit and thanks goes to him.

Blanket terms can often be useful when simply and or quickly describing a topic, but often these terms can become outdated and lead to misinformation. This is the case with the terms right and left wing. On this essay I will discuss why these terms are outdated, and what I purpose we use to replace them. Some of this is my opinion and is open to interpretation and discussion, this is Youth Discussions after all. That said let us begin.

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