For those who don’t know what Gibraltar is, Gibraltar is a British over-sea territory. Many British politicians were concerned that Spain would attempt to block Article 50, otherwise known as the Brexit Bill if they didn’t gain sovereignty of Gibraltar. So, what has changed this situation?

In April, Spain was given a veto by Brussel guidelines that could’ve allowed them to force Gibraltar to be involved in the Brexit deal. However, Datis, the Spanish foreign minister has assured that Spain will not be using the Brexit deal as a way to gain sovereignty over Gibraltar.

Whilst speaking to the Spanish newspaper, ABC, Datis said that ” What I don’t want to do is jeopardise an EU-UK agreement by subjecting it to a need to alter Gibraltar’s status”


Image result for gibraltar map


Gibraltar which has a population of 34,408 were allowed to vote in the Brexit referendum and 96% voted to remain in the European Union. However, when Donald Tusk gave Spain the chance to veto over Gibraltar this caused anger as many people in Gibraltar feel British as shown in 2002 when they voted to remain a British territory instead of joining Spain. This even sparked former Conservative leader, Micheal Howard, to suggest that Theresa May would be prepared to go to war over the sovereignty of Gibraltar.

Do you think it was right of Donald Tusk to give Spain a veto? Should Gibraltar have another referendum on whenever they want joint sovereignty? Will Spain stick to their word?




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