Yesterday, morning, President Trump signed the Russian Sanction Bill for the “sake of national unity”.  Upon signing the bill, President Trump also called the bill by Congress “seriously flawed” and “clearly unconstitutional.” The bill has passed Senate by 98 votes to 2 and in the Houses of Representatives, the bill had passed 419 to 3. Due to the strong support for this bill in Congress, a veto by the President would’ve easily been overturned by Congress.


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The bill has overwhelming support in Congress. Source:


What does the Russian Sanction bill do? What is Russia’s response?

What does the Russian Sanction bill do?

The bill puts sanctions on Russia’s defence sector which makes it harder for Russia to export weapons to other countries. Another new sanction that this bill places on Russia affects their energy sector. This new sanction affects Russia’s energy sector as it allows the USA to sanction companies that are helping Russia with developing export pipe lines.

President Trump’s ability to minimise President Obama’s sanctions placed on Russia in December 2016 for meddling with the US elections is also limited by the new bill. President Trump to now lift these sanctions on Russia would’ve to get permission by Congress before being able to do so.

As well as putting sanctions on Russia the bill also puts sanctions on North Korea and Iran in an attempt to limit their efforts of building missiles.

What is Russia’s response? 

Russia has responded to this sanction by ordering the USA to reduce the amount of diplomatic staff in Russia from 755 to 455 by the 1st of September. The number of diplomas the US have in Russia will reflect the number of diplomats Russia have in the US.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has also seized two American diplomatic properties.

How do you think this will this affect President Trump’s administration relationship with Russia? Do you think Trump will try to lift these sanctions?


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