Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for health in the UK, announced two days ago that the mental health sector of the NHS is to receive an extra £1.3bn but there are arguments that an extra £1.3bn still isn’t enough.

Carry on reading to find out what the extra £1.3bn is to be spent on and why some experts don’t think it is enough money for the struggling NHS.

What is the extra £1.3bn to be spent on?

According to Hunt, the extra £1.3bn is to be spent on recruiting and training more nurses, therapists, and consultants in order to be able to treat an extra million patients by 2020 and 2021.

As well as extra recruiting and training, part of the £1.3bn will be spent on encouraging former people in the mental health care profession to return.

The numbers: 

  • 2,000 more nurses, consultants and therapists to work with children and teenagers
  • 2,900 more therapists and health professionals to work with adults
  • An additional 4,800 posts for nurses and therapists in the crisis care part of the mental health sector.

Why do some people think this isn’t enough? 

The Royal College of Nursing do not believe Jeremy Hunt’s plans add up and that “more hard cash” would be needed to achieve his goals by 2021.

Do you think £1.3bn is enough? Or do you think the NHS will be struggling to train the extra staff needed for Hunt’s goals? 



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