Foreword: Welcome to our first US post edition! Unfortunately, it has taken us a while to sort organisation of this site out. As a result we’ve been a bit slow with  US posting but I hope you enjoy this post and  all the posts still to come!

Definition of Transgender:  “denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.”  Definition of Transgender in the Oxford Dictionary.

I’m telling you the definition of Transgender to make this post utterly clear of what this is about, so there is no confusion at all, I’m not taking sides in this post because we promised in our first post to never do that. However, it’s crucial that this post is crystal clear because this is a debate that is incredibly important to some people’s lives. Especially, some young people’s lives.

Yesterday, President Trump announced on Twitter that Transgender people are no longer allowed to serve in the US military.

His reason why?

This comes a year after his predecessor, President Obama, allowed transgender people to  openly serve in the US military. At the moment it is unclear what will happen to open transgender people already serving in the US under this reinstated ban.

Do you think transgenders should be banned from the military? Do you think transgender people are a distraction? Or, do you think that this ban isn’t right and transgenders should be allowed to serve in the military? Comment below your answers to these questions and your thoughts. 



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