Every Wednesday, including this Wednesday, Prime Minister’s Question Time also known as Question Time occurs in the House of Commons but what exactly is Question Time? Exactly when does it occur? But most importantly, do you think it matters?  All of these questions and more will be answered in our “Question Time” guide! 

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Source:  http://www.parliament.uk


So, what is Questions Time?

Question Time can actually be quite a funny thing to watch as shown in various videos of David Cameron and Ed Miliband destroying each other . Yet, Prime Minister’s Questions is a time where MPs (Members of Parliament) can ask the Prime Minister about various questions on topics. For example topics as the Prime Minister’s engagements, questions about a particular political issue and even what they eat for breakfast. Okay, maybe I made that last one up but I’m sure May eats wheat anyway.


How does Question’s Time work?

Prime Minister’s Questions Time may seem like a really complicated argument with no structure however Questions Time follows this structure

  1. To begin with it’s Open questioning which means MPs are allowed to ask the Prime Minister questions about their engagements and about any subject in general.
  2.  Once the Prime Minister has replied to the MP about their question the MP can then raise another question about a particular current political issue.
  3. After this, the Leader of the Opposition then follows this topic, or another topic of their choice, with up to six questions.
  4. The banter then begins as the Leader of the Opposition is the only MP who is allowed to come back with another question.

When is Prime Minister’s Questions Time?

Prime Minister’s Questions Time occurs every sitting Wednesday ,which means every Wednesday that Parliament is open, at 12pm to 12:30 pm.

Thank you for reading my quick guide to “What is Prime Minister’s Question Time?” and all it leads me to ask is, do you think Prime Minister Question Time is important or not?


To watch Prime Minister’s Question Time you can watch it by clicking here or by watching it on BBC Parliament.


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